Wednesday, December 10, 2008

You Joking or What?

RM300 Million!!!!!!

Just wondering if you agree with me that the new Bus Station in Klang Utara called "Klang Sentral" costs 300 Million Ringgit? You can build a small airport with it.

The Star report here.

I took a drive to see for myself and I am really wondering why it cost so much!

How could a place be called "Central" and is is located 6 Km away? It should be called Klang Utara instead. All da report about congestion, populated, traffic, cost of land...... are so damn lame yet we Klangites have to hold on to our balls and scream!

Anyway, dear fellow Klangites, carry on banging balls till it drops. You asked for it.
Change? Where da fuck is da change?

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