Saturday, December 27, 2008

What Is Wrong With You, Asstro?

What's With Da
F**King Yellow Bao?

Next Month's Asstro's Program Guide came with 8 pieces of empty Hong Pao packets.

Ang Pao or Hong Bao is a Chinese Traditional practice dated way back in the BCs.
It is a red packet containing money, a gift for/or in an exchange gesture called "Laisee"
It is Red in color signifying happiness. It is explained here and here.

What is then Asstro's aim in giving us "Ang Pows" in Yellow color?
Also, what da fcuk are those cartoon characters on the packets?

Shouldn't it be some Hapiness or Prosperity symbols because we use it as a noble gift? Why is Asstro so disrespectful and making fun of the Chinese Customs and Tradition? I feel insulted because no one have ever made fun of this age-old respect. I tore up ALL eight of them and chuck it away in da largest out-tray in da house! Da dustbin!

Maybe you have printed it in other colors such as green but why not try Black? Blue? I would then suggest that you also try printing it in "WHITE" color!!!!!

I really wish I could give you, ASSTRO, "white" PAO or "Park Kum".
Go Da fcuk and figure it yourself Asstro!! You are already a disgrace to our society!!!!

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