Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Customer No More


Today is a day to remember. It is a very special day.
I am No Longer a Customer of TM Streamyx. I have, faithfully, been a customer of Telekoms since Jabatan Telecom time. That would be in 1973!!!!!!!! That was when I would only pay $7 per month and would also get 100 free calls!

I remember your 28kbps "Internet" introduction. Also the 56kbps era. Also remembered the Usenet. Had wonderful time at Soc.Culture.Malaysia.

I have been a good customer for 35 years! TM have just lost a good customer.
But do they care? Really? The shocking thing is that many were still lining up to sign up for Streamyx Combo while I was in line to cancel my Internet today!!! That goes to show that many are still clueless about 'real' broadband'. Many also really do not know that paying RM110/Combo 1Mbps per month is a 'short change'!!!! Do they have a choice?
Their so called "Broadband" sucks Big Time and all the time talking cock about Multimedia, Borderless marketing, Cyber'this' and Cyber'that'.
Is our "Fast Internet" really that fast? Bullshit!
In Klang North, getting anything more than 700Kbps is a Miracle.

Yah, go give those selected rich farkers 10Mbps, 100Mbps or even 1,000Mbps.
Our Malaysian Broadband is a sick Joke!!!
P1WiMax?Izzi?Maxis?Sellcom?DG?.....................another sick joke!
Yah! FASTEST EVER!!!! Only if you live next door to the Prime Minister!
Anyway, farewell TM. May You Rot In Hell!

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Anonymous said...


Streamyx Combo is a real rip off.