Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Sick Bananas

DISEASED BANANAS SOLD? This is the second comb of bananas we bought in a week from a well known hypermart in Klang having some sort of a 'disease'. We did not notice it at first (fcuk! we ate it the usual way) but we have to expel it in a sort of 'fish-bone reaction' due to something hard!

We thought it was banana seeds ( like those in wild bananas) but this was the 'Cavendish hybrid' sold under the name of "Montel". They are supposed to be free of seeds. There was even a sticker label attached to the comb.

Out of curiousity, we sliced the banana length wise and this is what we saw!!!!

Yucks! Just what is this?
Let us see it nearer.

Yet a Closer view- A Macro-shot.
All all these edible?

What is the fcuk is the Kementrian doing? Don't the Authorities, farmer, distributor, buyer at supermarkets knows too? I believe it is not a new thing but why then still sell it?
This is outright cheating because we the consumer are paying for it with our hard earned cash.

I think it is a kind of the banana plant 'disease' as reported by the Ministry/Mardi last month but instead of destroying all those million of banana trees, they kept quiet and make us pay for their mistakes and eventually, throw it away, also keeping quiet like a bodoh!!!!

So much Millions of Ringgit are spent on agriculture research and why are we getting such trash?

When we see the TV news especially during Agricultural Fairs, da ministers always pose next to a giant Nangka, Chiku, Rambutans, Mangosteen, Payayas, and even Peanuts bigger than Balls! Yet we get diseased bananas. Hey, we do not want large 'bananas' but edible ones. The papayas too, are tasteless nowadays.

Dear all, please check the bananas you have bought and make sure they are not the ones we got. Our children may fall sick. With so much genectically modification on fruits, vegetables and mosquitoes going on, we sincerely hope that our children do not grow an 'extra' banana!!!!!!

Even a simple fruit cannot be handled properly, yet want to talk 'big' about "BioTechnologi!!!"

Fair Dinkum?

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FlipFlopSam@DS2-98 said...

those are GMO banana
banana that got hidden pesticide gene in it.

BIOTECH is bullshit the government use it to hide it self from polluting the diversity of non gmo banana in malaysia.

the government sux!