Friday, December 5, 2008

Shine UP, Shine DOWN

Please wake UP!

It is already a month and MPK does not give a damn. Claiming to be 'World Class' and wanted to be a 'fully developed CITY', such poor upkeep is so typical of our daily life.

This set of traffic lights, located in Jalan Meru, is in front of Klang Parade. The lights are pointing downwards and even the first car on the junction cannot see if it is red, green or amber! The 'kontractor' did not bother to put it right. By now, they must have been paid for a job well done!
Gaji buta!

Next is a street light located on the "World's Only Single lane Tolled Highway" This former Jalan Batu Belah had been handed over to Shahpadu Highway operator who collects a 60 sen toll/single way. To justify charging this toll, this road is 'given' to them.
This is also the 'Worst maintained Highway in the World" which is full of potholes, Ultra bad road shoulders and lights which are KO'ed all the time. Perhaps our Tuanku should come over here to see this part of the 'Highway'! we are so fed up already.

Just see this street lamp!

It is NOT beaming on the road.

It is pointed up towards the sky!!!!!! Whadda Fuck!

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