Saturday, September 27, 2008



While waiting for wifey at Ikano Power Centre's main lobby, met a senior citizen laughing away at an article in yesterday's newspapers. He sniggered out loud repeatedly 60,000!!! 60,000?

Since I stopped buying the shitty newspapers, I got close to him to see what his amusement was all about. Sigh! It was what I too, read about sometime ago. It was this 'near impossible/stupid' plan to CREATE 100,000 people with Doctorate Degrees in 12 years! This so called "My Brain 15" or what/why it is so 'fanatically & famously' likened to be named is the brainchild project our Ministry of Highest Learning wants. 100,000 or 60,000 Doctors/Professors is their target by 12 years!
Why this figure 60,000? Plucked this out from the sky? This would mean 5,000 Professors a year! Or 1,429 busloads of Doctors by 2010. That is a lot of busses!
PhD in what? IT?Academia Fantasia? "MalaysiaCanDance?
Social Professors for programmes to make more trips to foreign land so as to be specialised in the study of growing and processing beancurds in the bedroom in Taiwan while the Monsoon is blowing outside? Ha!Ha!?
So what project do we call if we need to quickly increase our population to say, 70 million? And also needed some kind of specialists?........Would this project be called MyPenis 67 or MyVagina2020 ? This is Pure Shit thinking! What ever happened to "MySmartSchools"?

What we do not need is the on going situation of "MyPeaBrain 2008" which is so glaringly visible just by reading/seeing the majority of our current MPs in the Parliament 2008.

Just see what the public have to say:-

QUALITY my friend.....not QUANTITY!!!!!!
This is the main reason why Malaysia is going downhill all the way!

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