Tuesday, September 2, 2008

P1 WiMaX

WiMax Broadband Services.

Can anyone tell me what WiMax services are all about?

Is it about?
a) A new player jumping in just to make profits? (Like TM)
b) Because it is wireless, it is Gaya to have a wireless? (TM also)
c) Guarantee Superfast broadband at 2Mbps-20Mbps (TM cannot)
d) As above but, where applicable onli (Tm can and is famous for)
e) To wait till year end so 2 Mbps also can (ridiculous!)
f) For KL (in KLCC) or Putrajaya/Cyberjaya (already 4 - 10 Mbps)
g) All must depend on only TM's last mile wiring which can only handle 1Mbps due to old rotting
copper wire which is underwater most of the time and need another RM500BILLION to change them to fibreoptics cables.

TM Streamy, now you kena wallop. For God*&^*sake please wake up from your stupid promotion and take the challenge. Your above advertisement works only for areas around the lakes of Putrajaya/Cyberjaya and we have to go there to surf izzit? Bodoh lah

Lastly lah guys,....DreamON!!!! We may not publicly get 10Mbps for each of us in this life time.
With things going on like that, as a rebirth frog, I may not know how to use a computer! Rriiibit!!
So what else is new?

Then hor, why launch in place which already have better speed and compete in sales ? Why not launch at places which do not have fast speed especially Klang, PJ, Kajang, Rawang and many perhaps thousands will be happy thus promoting it to those highly competitive places?

I for one, will solemly swear that if P1 W1Max comes to Klang to set up and sell a package with at least 4Mbps at a competitive rate, I am throwing away TM Nut and sign up yours!!!!!!!!!


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