Thursday, September 4, 2008

An Excellent Comeback

I have just read the above and is feeling good that Penangites are all for making a comeback for Trams. It is a fantastic and an excellent idea!

This is exactly what Penang City needs, The old charm that would attract people from far and wide.

Firstly, the tracks are already there. Expanding it is not much a problem, as it is done in most large Cities such as in Switzerland, San Francisco, Hong Kong, Amsterdam.... etc.

Either go for the ultra modern ones such as this:-

Or best of all, since Penang is confirmed as a Historical City and to keep its charm, go for the Classic design (yet modern inside -with good air-conditioning due to high humidity) such as this:-
Moreover, it is cheaper than the Monorail system especially the one made-for-KL City....which I suspect is built only for use in Theme Parks!!!!

The present bus system is VERY polluting , fuel guzzling and importantly, needing ultra high maintenence! You need proof? Just see how KTMB works and also one need to drive past the old trunk road towards Ipoh, passing Antara Gapi near Ulu Yam and be prepared to be shocked! Just see hundreds of large busses being thrown away and left to rot under the sun!!!! Croonism at work and at a super-large scale!

Keep it up Guan Eng! Make Penang attractive again. I am sure to take my family back to Penang for holidays again. This IS truly Asia!!!!!!Malaysia Boleh!!!

Assalina...,now you learn something!

P.S.: Please do not discontinue the Penang Hill Railway!

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