Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Smart Consumer...Pt.One


I have decided to terminated my choice for using Maxis in all my mobile needs. I've Killed it! I have decided NOT to allow my Maxis to receive and send Calls.

You see, I was on a packaged post paid system of RM 80/month. and throughout the year, I made less calls so it is MAXIS that makes more money from me! I stoopid! They smart!

I joined in with my wifey's 019-"Will U Marry Me" promotions!!!!

Since me AND my family is on a serious Austerity Drive, we became smart. We already saved RM48/month on not buying the newspaper The Maxis thinggy saves me 50% of my calls thus is about RM40/momth. The last and final thrust would be the ARSE-throw!!!!
Yesterday, climbed up da roof to re-aligned the old TV antenna to adjust to TV3,NTV7, TV8 and TV9. (in UHF)The images are all super clear except RTM1 and RTM2 (outdated VHF)! Ptui!,,,who wants tv1&2?
So when all ready, we are all going to P.T.U.I.I.I ....ARSE-throw (as my relative's filipina maid says it)
Too bad EPL is now on but just by thinking paying RM89/month......some house even got two would work out RM1,069 a year! And then....see what? all repeats again and again......Damn cheat and still wan more money for ASStro-On-Demand!!!!
Do anyone here knows what "ON-DEMAND" is or how it is worked? Ha!Ha! we got cheated again. Our "On demand" is very different the original US version of "On Demand"
You go check. It is you that got Cheated! So as a Smart Consumer just like what our beloved Gormen chanting about.....BOIKOT THEM!!!!!!
Biggest bluffer of them all and still want to milk us dry! Pray God whenever there is a serious alternative to TM Streamnut, I will be da first to sign up.

Blardy'll get kicked out of our house end of this month!!!!!! For Good. I promise!

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Anonymous said...

Maxis seems to treat its prepaid customers better than postpaid. With the new 365 scheme you only have to pay RM33 a year plus one top up of RM30. And you still get the reward points.