Monday, September 1, 2008

Test Pattern

HDTV - High Definition Television
Test Pattern

Below is a test pattern for your HDTV. It is suitable for LCD/Plasma TVs which is sized for 16:9 screens.

Many purchasers of LCD/Plasma TVs are still clueless about watching it in the actual 16:9 format but viewing at the present outdated mode of 4:3 ratio (currently used in ALL Malaysian stations including ASStro...)

Gawd, all the talk about K-technology!

Dear poor souls, quickly go to Googles and search for HDTV (Warning! do not search for UHDTV yet!) Malaysia is the ONLY developing country in the world that did NOT publicly screen the Olympic 2008 in HD!!!!!!!! Faroe Island somewhere in the North Alantic did! Where is this Faroe Island? Did they send somebody to outer space too?

This is 2008. We are still in SDTV (Standard Television)
Did you notice why ALL your images are DISTORTED making every humans "Fat and Short"? Or the car wheels are "egg-shaped"? What you did, was to view a 4:3 programme on 16:9.

And just to think that you spent your hard earned cash of RM4,000++ for distorted images? And did the salesman also tell you that the best picture resolution you would get is at 100p instead of 720p? Even Original DVDs gives you only 230p let alone a 'pirated' ones!

OK, back to the size of you newly purchased LCD TV. Was it a 32 ins? A 40ins?

It is really sad because if you have bought a 32 ins, and view it on the original 4:3, your viewable size would now be only 24ins!!!!! The two black bars of the right and left of your new TV is seen. Go get a measuring tape. Is it smaller than your old CRT TV of 29ins. which you gave away? Ha!Ha!

Why is this so?

Go ask the Minister of Broadcasting! We were still 'sleeping' when the world moved forward!All da shit talk about Boleh!!!!!! Also why the silence from the other medias?

Wake up Malaysians!!!!!!!!! In a few months, it would be 2009!!!!
Wowie! Kate Beckinsale on HD 1080p!

(P.S....We came to know that some 2,000 very lucky folks saw RTMi 's test HDTV transmission during the Olympics!!!)

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