Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Dog We Are 'Shy' to Talk About!

The Malaysian Telomian
This is a native dog that originated in Malaysia.

He is a very close relative of the Asian Wolf and is truly a pure Malaysian Dog.
It is so strange that we know so little about our own Telomians so much so that we have neglected this pure breed and frequently opted for foreign breds as pets.

See what Dr. Susanna Brida of the Perak Veterinary Services have this to say.

A Blue-blacked tongue is very distinctive on the Telomian, very similar to the Chow Chow of China. The feature also look like the non-barking Basenji and a bit of the (non-karaoke singing) New Guinea Singing Dog.

It was named after Sungei Telom, near Cameron Highlands in 1963, where it was noted and is commonly kept by our Orang Asli as protectors and are part of their family. There is even a Telomian Dog Club in the United States where careful breeding and strict standards are kept to maintain this as a very special and a rare breed. They even have monthly championship shows!

Also see the sites below:-

There are over 300 pure breed of dogs in the World. The Arabs have their Salukis, Azawakhs and the Sloughis. The Germans have their German Shepherd Dogs and the Rhodesians have their Ridgebacks. We Malaysian (had?) the Telomians. What went wrong?

The pictures featured here are our Telomian dogs in Gua Musang, Kelantan . (Click on picture to enlarge image.)


Anonymous said...

Hi - I am an editor looking for photos of the Telomian for a dog encyclopedia. Can you contact me at

Birds Talking Too said...

So sorry that the link to the government site have been removed by themselves. We do not know why did they do it. Do not want any records perhaps. Now we know why the Telomian is 99.99% extinct!!!
Malaysia Boleh.

Birds Talking Too