Friday, September 26, 2008

Not FREE to Blog

Will Blog Less Now!!!!

This Country is Not FREE Anymore.
Freedom of Speech IS DEAD.

So what can we Blog about?
Is it About:-
Saying YES to everything the GORMEN says?
Even it is Wrong?
Believe everthing what ALL local Newspapers write and we are paying for reading it?
See all those Outdated & Dumbwitted local TV Shows and we PAY for it?
Read the ever increasing Killings, Robberies and Rapes almost Daily but the
Law says everything is fine and ok?

Gives RM4.50 (DAILY) worth of 'shit food' to detainees but a Buffet Buka Puasa Dinner cost RM45/alone ? Btw, detainees are still humans, being detained until the law decides if a person is guilty or not. That means he/she is INNOCENT until proven guilty. Why are the law behaving as if they are the Judge, Jury and the Excecutioner? Freedom my Arse. This is the ISA.

Malaysia is 51 years old and supposedly to be one of the leader in the Free World. We do not need the ISA like Burma! the arsehole who curtly retorted.......If Theresa Kok wants Seafood.......(.then give her Seafood)....! Whadda FCUK!

Education IS priceless. Knowledge is Paramount. Our Education system SUCKS and is continuing to suck! Funny thing come the majority of our MP sucks?

Transport System also Sucks bigtime. See the latest crash! Productivity time gone.

Healthcare? Ya, if you got plenty of mooooolahs! Ill gotten ones are common!

Telecommunication system?HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!HA! read yesterday's
report on the g*dammed HSBB (High Speed Broad Band) project signed last week by
Gormen and TM. This ONE sided agreement Sucks 'Biggests' time. MONOPOLY again!
Remember All the Highway projects? One sided agreements?
That would mean seniors only gets High Speed Broadband in his/her next life!!!!

Btw, TM, HDTV (Really) means High Definition Television NOT High Dimension Television.
What 'dimension' did you mean, you 'un-educated clods'? See what I meant? Education sucks
big time again here.

After being a loyal Telekom customer for 36 years I am still not satisfied with the service and their contribution to the advancement in Telephony in this country. I can see that the ONLY people who enjoys our phone system are the foreign ones, just landed into our dear country (legally or illegally) as labourers/waiters/maids/dolls/prostitutes, whatever..... just 36 minutes after buying a prepaid card!!!!!!!!
Prepaid seemed to have more benefits than us faithful Post-paiders!!!!!! WhaddaFCUK?

ISA again.
Just see this article I came across accidentally while laying it on the floor for my dog to shit on!
It was dated 18th. May, 2008 in a leading local Newspaper!

Make any sense?

Dear everyone, just get all your thoughts together and THINK!

We do not need the ISA, We do not need the ISA, We do not need the ISA!!!! Just That!
We are matured, strong, disciplined and know what is right.

ISA kills our Freedom.
ISA are for insecured governments who are too afraid and/or too authori-cratic!
ISA frightens investors.

Please Free RPK Today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I will blog less, in protest.

I am doing it in reverse.
Speech Freedom is Dead.
Freedom is Dead.

Welcome to Malaysia.

Still coming here for your 'second' home?

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