Saturday, January 9, 2010

Small,Medium,Large,Extra Large!

Petrol Prices by Car Size?

Just what kind of a 'cockamamie' headline is this?

Is this true? It was reported that the DTC&C Minister said this.
Another mentioned something about this new policy that would identify people who are eligible for subsidy or not. Can or not? Like how?

1) By MyKad. Yah, the neighbours can be checked but what about tourists renting cars? Expats? How to check MyKad? By Machine? By Petrol Station 'foreign' attendants? Can we allow these
blokes to check our ID? or even hold on to my MyKad?
2) By size of cars? How? You mean to tell me that a 'foreign' attendant can tell the size, brand, make, year, CC of all cars? You mean to tell me that I will have to pay what the bloke tells me? Can he also tell me I can qualify for a subsidy or not?

It also look like when buying petrol, Malaysians MUST show MyKad.
What da rubbish!

A better idea would be to pay for higher engine capacity yearly for higher c.c. rated vehicles rather than showing MyKad. This can be subjected to many abuses.

What is next?
MyKad needed to buy cooking oil?
Toilet rolls?
For GAWD's (...can I use this word?) sake, are we running out of smart people?

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