Friday, January 8, 2010

Fuming Mad!


Whadda bloody fcuk is going on?

Anyone who has brains will tell you that a snake such as a python (or an anaconda) is not going 'anywhere' after a 'heavy' meal. So why did the villagers beat the living daylights out of this poor snake baffles me!

The Star newspapers reported.

Just because the python 'stole' a 20Kg goat? Come on Malaysians, please grow up.

Do we also need a team of Civil Defence buggers to handle this 'almost-a-natural-occurence' in a near jungle environment? Any clown can also do some maths like a dding up a150Kg. snake plus a 20 Kg. goat equals 170Kg. in total weight . Can anyone lift it up single handedly?
Bashing it up for dead does NOT make it any lighter!

Or is it because this poor fellow have been blindly accused of eating 10 other goats so he deserves to die? Just what would happen if it was a Tiger? Get killed the same way too?
Come on, living next to a jungle have its benefits and risks . Don't these clowns know that?
Really Dumb Fcuks!

Maybe, just maybe, I think that the Civil DEFENCE people suspected that da python swallowed a JET ENGINE and was trying to cross da border with! Ha!Ha! Damn stupid.

Now...about the rare Raja Brooke butterfly in another report............need I add some more? Really Dumb Asses!

Just what are the folks at Perhilitan doing? We are fast losing our jungles and its habitats.
Don't anyone up there (authorities) have brains anymore?

Then what do you think those eco-tourists come to Malaysia to see? "The infamous Eye on Malaysia"? FcukS! Any kid can tell you that buying it at RM30 MILLION and sold tickets for only RM5 MILLION is a BIG LOSS of Investment! Piiiiirah! Such high risk! So now, the 'EYE' gotta stop operating because of a law suit.

Then how about some assholes stealing 100million Ringgits worth of jet engines?
Get ,bashed, to death too?
Really dumb fcuks!

Gawd! My first FCUKS of da year!

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