Sunday, January 17, 2010

Here, !Doggie!Doggie!

Go and Help HAITI

in her time of NEED.

In times like these, we humans rely on our dogs to assist in disasters such as Earthquakes where humans could still be alive and trapped at levels too dangerous for rescuers to detect.
The following photos shows just how our faithful canines risks their lives just to save us humans.
Just lovely, animals helping humans. Canines are sure intellegent.

But over here in Malaysia, just this week, a team of dog lovers are desperately trying to save those poor dogs many whom were shot with shotguns and were left for dead at the dog pound. There were hundreds rounded up. Picture one showed where the pellets went into the eye of the poor stray and with many other puncture bullet holes as much as 79 holes and this stray is still alive! Since brought in, this dog survives but is crying in pain. Is this how the MPK in Klang Malaysia, causes so much suffering? See another shot of this dog.
Just count the number of bullet holes.! Whadda fcuking shit head did this?

This bloke is incharge!!!!.

Go to Malaysian Dogs Deserves Better Blogsite for more pictures and information at

Sign and voice your protest at MDDB blogsite today.

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