Thursday, January 14, 2010

Louisiana Fried Chicken


Way back in 1978, Popeye's first outlet in Malaysia opened in SEA Park, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

It was introduced here by my business friends. It was way before KFC became popular.
Popeye's fried chicken have always been thick and crispy. When they left our shores, I used to have it in Singapore especially at Changi's.

Last night, we had Popeye's for dinner at Klang Parade. This is their 6th. outlet after e@Curve, Wangsa Walk, Mid Valley, Sunway and TTDI.

The fried chicken comes in 'Spicy' for which I would highly recommend,
And 'Mild'.
They are all Crispy and utterly Delicious! Noted that they are less oily too!

Their version of buns are called biscuits. This, you've got to try! It is definitely better that the run of the mill 'tasteless' buns or rolls from KFC and da bull 'muffin-g from Kenny R.
Their Cajun Fries beats even Burger King's!! This is da best fries ever!
Their mashed potatoes gravy is something you would come back for!!!

They serves seafood too but no, I do not like it. Maybe you do.
But I have reservations about fried fish and shrimps.
I always have bad luck about fried fish/battered fish as it always ended up with the so called "Dory fish fillet?" ala 'ikan patin/cat fish' from the Mekong River!!

Forget about their 'coleslaw'.

Honestly, if one would like a change from that KFC, Popeye's is refreshing. After all, it is from New Orleans, Louisiana and a taste of Cajun's cooking.

There is also another great fried chicken taste. It is from Texas. Opened here in KL also in the late seventies. It was not allowed to use its original trademark name. Some un-educated ba*ta*ds thought it was fried in some 'churches'. Maybe this particular name also cannot be used especially, ....nowadays! Whadda fcuk!

Just when is "Mos Burger" opening shop here? It is very popular in Singapore,Thailand, Phillippines, HongKong.....err shucks!suxs!

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WChinner said...

I now recall Popeye during my primay school days! Thanks, will head there when i return from langkawi! my mission...

Wonder why Mos burger didn't do well here. I really love Mos burger. Best, yummm... esp the rice burger. Whenever i go to spore, i make it a point to eat there.