Sunday, January 24, 2010

In the name of your....KONG!

Just Where Is Your Love?
(Warning: this post contains profanities. Readers discretion is advised)

As if the World is not troubled enough, some assholes are just plain stupid.

It costs RM 350.00 per day for an elder folk to get kidney dialysis treatment.
It costs RM 30.00 per day for an elder folk to take diabetes drug.
It costs RM 28.00 per day for a patient to take a cholesterol lowering medication.
It costs RM 30.00 per day for a person to treat Hypertension.
It costs RM 30.00 per day for a old folk to treat Aged Related Macular Degeneration.
It costs RM 78.00 a tin of baby formula Milk.

Yet these assholes burn up the needed money for cheap thrills such as fireworks and fire crackers in the name of whatever ........GOD!

Come Chinese New Year.
They will destroy the peace of the neighbours. These bloody inconsiderates together with their illiterate kids will defy even the Law in the name of their 'stinking GOD'.
Whatever GOD they believe in.

Be it 'Sky' GOD, 'Red' GOD, 'Kitchen' GOD, 'Big' GOD, "Grandfather' GOD'....whatever but just be considerate to people who just want peace and quiet.

Then there is the year end festival, Day ONE festival, Day three festival, Day eight festival, Chap Goh Mei nite, Fetch the Bride firecracker session, Bring Bride Home firecracker session, Baby Full Moon (sounds like baby's tits/testicles got bigger) home dinner fireworks, daughter's reaches puberty's (so can fcuk already?) house party firecrackers do, Bridegroom's stag party fireworks, House move-in firecrackers do, Birthdays fireworks at home, Mooncake festival, Dumpling festival, Hungry Ghost festival, Dieties Birthdays, Temple gatherings.................
Gawd..this is only from the Chinese festivals!

I am a Malaysian of Chinese descent and have always respected our culture and tradition. I keep very dear to it and to respect others. Do not get me wrong as I have always love peace.

But there must be a limit somewhere that one respects the peace & quiet others.
People are indeed overdoing it in the name of their GODs. This is sheer waste of the much need money. Or isn't it?

Our Law enforcement are totally Blind & Deaf to all these for so many years. So much so that one just do not know how/who to complain to or and how/who to get protection from!
To those who are reading this plea and who are unfortunately involved, please think of all the goodness your money can do and reserves it in the time of need. Burning all up in the name of your GOD is indeed a waste of kindness and consideration.

"KAN LU A MA A CHOW CHEEBAI !" ...Now, please allow me to put in print, the 'blessing' I've just received an hour ago from my blessed bastard of a neighbour who got a ticking off for letting go firecrackers that even set off my home alarm system.
This is at 9.30pm Sunday Night.

FUCK you dear neighbour, for disturbing the peace. May you also need the money for your hour of emergencies. You got kids remember? Your HOME is where you find PEACE and REST. It is NOT a place of suffering and anger. Just what is wrong with you or your brains (..if you got any left?)

But please do NOT do it in the name of your GOD. Your GOD would be much happier if you show more love and consideration to those around you. I am very sure of that.

You are a disgrace! Ptuiiiii!
I have my rights too.

Watch Black Eye Peas here.

Just "Where is the Love" when we need it most?

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