Monday, January 11, 2010

Peace Be On Earth


Religon is supposed to give us peace, love, hope, understanding, faith, happiness, trust, serenity, glow, confidence, assurance, truth, respect, forgiveness, joy, tolerence, positiveness.......the list goes on.
Yet, since Friday last, we see and hear so many negativity and lies, and many so called 'assurances' that the situation 'was' under control.

Just where are we heading? How do we explain to our children who are also traumatized by all these happenings? Just what do we say?
Let us all hope that the Authorities play a level field and give us back what was good for all Malaysians.

During our trip to Penang we took two photos which showed peace and tranquility.

It was taken just out of our apartment window overlooking a Buddhist temple.

Please note the hills in the background. That is where the Ayer Itam Dam is.

When we zoomed in on the upper centre, we managed to capture the newly opened "Goddess of Mercy Kuan Yin" temple located at Ayer Itam, Penang.
It was a good 12 Km away.

Peace be on Earth. Now. We need it.

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