Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Astro in HD

Crystal Clear

Sorry folks for not blogging.

Was enjoying Astro's new HD format.
After many years of old, bland standard resolution TV, the new Astro's HD is a dynamic change.

The old format of 4:3 (read old...just like the standard photo format too!) See below.

High Definition is already overdue-d here and we are now awaiting free-off air HD from RTM..for whom we guessed, have been 'sleeping' all the while.

Astro's Beyond HD comes with a totally new Box Top set, a large (good) remote controller which can also be used as a replacement to your LCD TV's remote, a new external Dish, a new smart card and cabling. We kept our old wiring because it was a 'concealed' system.

Just see the photos here, taken directly from our full HD TV

But do remember to buy (Astro do not sell nor supply) the important Digital Coaxial Audio Cable to be connected to your Home Theater system which would be in Dolby digital 5.1. But then, they give the important HDMI cable which provides video and audio signals only to your TV display.

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