Monday, January 18, 2010

Steamyx Service Suxs!

You Call This

It is already in its third month where one cannot upload to YouTube or Vimeo peacefully.

Interupted (such as throttling and or 'screening') uploads causes problems thus unsuccessful uploads. Let alone downloads.

Can anyone tell me that we are NOT supposed to upload or download from the internet here in Malaysia? Is this official? Then what da fcuk we need the internet for? I am using this for WORK! Not play, play. And I cannot afford to rent a five-star office in a designated MSC appointed area for Broadband. Do you mean that only the rich can surf the net? What fcuk is all these about?

We have NO other choice but to use TN Steamyx.

No, the others are not available here in our part of Klang. For your information, we are less than half a Km from the TN exchange and the internet connection suxs! The connection automatically cuts off every 20 minutes!!
How did Malaysia claim to be the Hub-of-the-Multimedia-Souper-Corridor where our Broadband Suxs to high heaven? Bloody Bluffer! (....if there is such a word?)

You see, I am very desperate because I am planning to take part in two International Competitions involving Video production. Time is running out!

One is the "My View- The Asia-Pacific Climate Change" organised by the Asian Development Bank
and the second is " 2010 Democracy Video Challenge" organised by the US Embassy.

Both video clips are required to be uploaded to YouTube and both ends on 31st. January, 2010.

A one minute HD Video usually takes four hours to upload via our so called BROADBAND by TN Steamyx. Viewers would need twenty to thirty minutes for downstreaming just to watch!

Like I have said it before, the BROADBAND is so slow that I thought to have seen two snails fcuking!
This SUXS Big Time!!!!
I have failed to upload it since Wednesday.

Now where is all da BULL (Big) talk about the HSBB?
Whadda FCUK are they waiting for?

TN, you have never failed to dissapoint! Never!
Please stop talking Cock and Walk the Walk!

You MONOPOLIZED the internet since day one.


hew said...

yes - it suxs!! give it to them donald! monopolies are big bags of shit!

and am glad to see you blogging and ranting!! if mahatir n daugther can blog and rant.. ( to cancel each other out i guess)so shd all msians.

keep well!!

Anonymous said...
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Birds Talking Too said...

Hi Hew!
Thanks for your comment.
Still waiting for all these rubbish to end!
Just what is wrong with us Malaysians?
Cheers and Regards
Donald G.H Tan

PS....Just deleted a comment of 6:11:00 This is what shit is all about! This fcuker [posted a comment but added a link to a porno site! Hey, bloody fool, go take a wank at the moon! Wooooo!