Sunday, August 31, 2008

Best in Klang!

Best Satay &
Nasi Lemak in our Town

After eating around and seeking for 'that perfect' old fashioned Satay, we have decided that the Best (in our humble opinion) in Klang is at "Uncle Satay". They are located in front of the flyover on Persiaran Raja Muda Musa, the newly widened highway towards Port Klang.
We have been patronising this shop for the last 4 years.

The main reason for our choice is that the owner actually care for their customers. They ensures that the food they serve is 'perfect'. The satay is done well, really cooked and not over burnt.
The kuah (gravy) is Kajang Style and one can add extra 'oomph' if you like it chilli hot! With da on goings in our political scene after PP P44, one got to add extra chillies!!!!!!!
The chicken, beef and lamb are well marinated too and the portion of the meat is generous.
Unlike the rest of the 'Klang' styled satay which is towards the 'javanese' type, this is truly the one we are used to.

Their Nasi Lemak is superb and the Auntie only serves this during dinner time and in limited quantity too. Go there around 6.30pm and you can see her pack into small bungkus.
It would be all gone by 8pm! We packed a dozen for the Olympic closing ceremony on TV last week! Yummy!

The other similar satay is of course the (franchised) Hj Samuri Kajang Satay (located in Bukit Tinggi) Klang. We have totally given them up due to its 'arrogance/stuck up/eat, eat,dowan? get lost' attitude. This happened all the time!Try asking for more gravy!!!!!!!!

Hj. Sam's original store in Kajang is always still da best. It used to be our favourite besides the oldie Restoran Malaysia. (read...there in Kajang only). The ones found all over the country are pure rubbish! We are always 'lucky' to get the 'spoils' such as being over burnt. Not over-done mind you, but burnt ala carbonised but still raw and cold on the insides! It was supposed to be headed to the garbage bin but I guess, someone have pay for it. It might well be a 'suckered' customer! One sure get cancer this way.

If this is Australia, the outlet will be closed quick, quick!!!! It is a health hazzard! Just where are the health inspectors? "Franchising my boy,'d got to monitor 'em like crazy ....they can make you rich or they can kill ya!..."Oh nevermind...close one eye! Malaysia Boleh!

Sorry....gone off track for a while but have to explain why Uncle Satay is still our choice. Moreover, Uncle Satay uses the traditional charcoal fire unlike Hj Sam's.

Satay anyone?


Uncle Sate said...

Hi Donald,
Thanks for the nice write-up and comments, certainly great hearing to positive feedback from a kind customer like yourself..
- Uncle Sate

Birds Talking Too said...

Dear Uncle,
You are welcome.
Your Satay is still da best and we are going to also vote it as the Best in 2009!
The equation is always there. Good food gets noticed. Keep up the good work.
Birds Talking Too

Birds Talking Too said...

Oh Dear!
Uncle Sate is closed. Went there with oversea friends but were closed. That was the third time in a month. Can anyone confirm?
Dated April, 2011.