Friday, August 29, 2008

Bird Bath Up!

Our DIY Bird Bath is Completed
and Running!

On the upper left, is our DIY Nectar Bird Feeder.

Bought flower pots to mix and match from Lorong Hijau in Sg. Buloh, PJ. It took us four solid hours looking for matching shapes and sizes from various shops!
This is to set up our Bird Bath which is also a water feature.

After glueing up the connecting flexible hose both on the bottom and
on the insides,
and to be connected to a recycled mini-aquarium filter pump, (new one costs about RM12) and is also fixed to an electrical timer (RM9) which is set for 7am till 7pm.
We set it up using a water leveller to adjust the water drop effect.
These five pots cost us RM120 total.
As compared to the one we actually planned to buy (specially made with sand stone) costs a whopping RM680!! Heck! It is so damned commercialised these days.

The bag of washed pebbles cost RM12. It is needed to adjust the depth of the lower section in case some birds do not like deeper waters.
The top water spray can be also adjusted by adding these pebbles so as not to scare the birds.
The first visitors were our resident Magpies who just dashed onto the top part and started drinking from it. Later, one of them took a splashy bath!
The next day, the Sunbirds came and took a sip. As of today, the girl Sunbird is taking strips of coconut fibres off my orchid plantings to, what I suspect, build a nest!!!! The male fellow is busy sipping nectar and cleaning himself.

All these happening under the watchful eyes of a mummy Merbuk tending to her two babies on her nest built on my wall fan directly above!
This is good! The birds are happy!

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