Saturday, August 16, 2008

Please help me Identify this Fruit

Mo Fa Kor?

Bought a kind of fruit which is largely unknown.
Bought this at Ulu Yam last Sunday and is being sold by a road side stall.
I was told that it is a herb and is used to prepare a healthy drink from it. One must break open the fruit by 'smashing' it on the floor and scoop out the flesh to be boiled together with dried longan, dried red dates and gula Melaka for four hours. To drink it cool.
Tried getting help from MNS forum but to no avail. I would like to know the scientific name and our local name. The seller said that it is called "Mo Fa Kor". That's it. The 'other' kind of Mo Fa Kor I am familiar with is the one that is sold at candy stores in packets featuring a picture of a gentleman some call him "Uncle Mo". Was eating this preserved fruit since I was a kid.
This fruit tips the scale at 1Kg and its skin is very hard. It is 9 inches in diameter.
Apparently, it is grown locally near hills where it is cooler.
Is this a local fruit?

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