Tuesday, August 12, 2008

IcanCU part two


Caught Air Asia's 'blue' colored Airbus flying past our home.

We did not know they have planes in this blue color. I though all Tony's birds are red!
Most of Klang's residents are Hokkien and they would say" Wah! Tony ae per kee wu lam sek meh? Mmm See Ang Sek meh? Wah siang kah it a 'Lam Cheow' kuan! Ha!Ha!' Joke onli lah!

That's a nice Blue Bird, Tony.

Also caught a few more planes.
A UPS windowless cargo aircraft (above)

A Cathay Pacific Boeing 777.

Was suspecting that a new Airbus A380 Super Jumbo flew by at around 1.30pm yesterday. It was extra loud and saw only its blur outline because the sky was in heavy overcast. Can anyone confirm? Which airline? Singapore's or Emirates's?

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