Friday, August 22, 2008


Isn't This Enough?

Received this bloody note at our postbox in the office yesterday!

Just what is all this?

Matchmaking a partner for my neighbour's Bitch? or my cousin's Dog? Cat? Maid? Spinster? Divorcee? Is this legal? Are we not already over-populated or are we in a hurry to populate our dear Country to the brim until we do not have enough rice and clean water? Are we also trying to fill up all those new vacant houses which were also built with these kinda of foreign workers?

Don't we have enough of Banggas?Indons?Myanmars?ChinaDolls?........Just what da Hell are the Authorities doing?

Can anyone see this kinda ads. in Singapore? Australia? Please WAKE UP lah, Jabatan Immegreshen? Ministers? Bodohwee?

As Citizens, we are very worried about this kinda things. We ask you to help us rid the un-necessary influx of these people who, in their own country cannot even handle their own problems. We need to feel safe. Too much rapes, robberies, Con jobs, Health problems at eateries and even Murders!

With phone numbers printed so boldly on the leaflet, just ACT!!!

Instead of spending so much time & activity around Anwar's Backside!!!!!!

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