Friday, August 29, 2008


MCMC! Such childishness!

As the world goes Forward especially after the successful (spiritually, mentally and physically) Olympic Games in Beijing, and also after our PP P44 by-elections, the Multimedia Authority of Malaysia is set to cause confusions on our internet. By banning some sites because of un-agreeable opinions and views, we are not FREE to say anything how we feel anymore. Freedom IS Dead. It was supposed to be free of interference. Free of Censorship and Control.

IF one crosses the line, just take him to Court. Why the BAN?

Malaysia, the World IS watching!

Anyway, at Birds Talking, we go Talk Birds, OK?
See our new DIY Bird Bath. Maybe we should design a new DIY Bird Bath for each of those 'COCKY' loser politicians to wash their tiny brains in.

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