Friday, August 8, 2008

Our Best Chicken Rice in Klang

TOP 1 Chicken Rice

Located right in the town centre, very near Klang's Maybank, lies a chicken rice stall which we have been patronising since we moved up here. Yes, we tried almost all chicken rice places and we finally decided that this outlet is the BEST in our opinion.
There are many other good ones too. Like the one in Emporium Makan which we placed as second. Even the best one listed in the press (the one served with rice-balls) cannot beat this. The sad part is that the rice balls are served cold including the chopped chicken pieces. It is very pricey too.

Mr Tan (da boss) opens his stall as early as 7.30am and sells till 11.30am daily. You hear right, only four hours of business everyday and is crowded to the brim. They sells out fast.

Why did we choose this stall? The chicken is boiled to perfection and is very tasty and flavourful. Not over cooked and is presented well done.
The meat is tender and is always served warm. Not cold like the others.
This stall always serves with ginger paste made with very young gingers from Jenjarom, Banting. Its paste is blended with a hint of parsley and sesame oil. Yummy! However, many prefer to request Mr. Tan to put it in a separate plate. Please do so if you want to savour the delicate taste of the chicken on its own but the ginger paste is their specialty.
As we all know, the next attraction of chicken rice is da RICE! Yup, we like it too because it is not too oily. It is made with pure chicken stock, garlic and ginger. The taste? Heavenly. It is also cooked soft and fluffy.
Next is another decision maker. The chilli sauce. It is also the best in Klang. Just perfect. Not too sour or salty. Just pedas and right.

The soup too is special. I suggest that you skip the drinks but concentrate on the soup.
As with all Klangites, it is a ritual to eat chicken rice with the black soy sauce (pekat) . The type which is thick and not salty. Most would just squeeze da bottle of this sauce via a 'zig-zag' pattern on the warm rice! Wowie!
It is at the junction of Jalan Meru and Jalan Gelugor.
Welcome to Klang!

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