Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ooops! Wrong Bird!!

A Lovely picture of a
Hummingbird on a Billboard Advertisment.

Why do the project people in the haste to do their job quickly, do not really check what their Advertising Guys' concept is prior to approval? Ignorance on the part of the Artist? the Art Director?

This huge Billboard is located in Jalan Banting, Klang before reaching Jusco shows a picture of a Hummingbird, idicating what to expect when one buys this property. Is there a guarantee that a Hummingbird would drop by? What if not? Do we get our money back? Say RM800,00.00 to RM1 million for that house? Neh!!!!!Pooodah!
You see, the picture featuring this hummer is not correct. Malaysia do not have Hummingbirds. Not even in Singapore, Thailand, India, Indonesia, European Union, Japan, China, Australia, Africa, Middle East, Russia..............
Another huge billboard is on the highway leading to the KLIA. Wondering what the learned would say, since these houses are intended for the higher income group. Wouldn't this be classified as false advertising? In Amerlika, one can get sued till his pants drop in cases like this!

Still wondering what has happened to the massive so called "Gold Coast" project which is located on a river mouth near Tanjung Sepat? Are we to expect miles of 'golden-coastal sandy beaches'?Or miles of mud flats?

Come on lah, let us all look ahead and aim for better quality and truth ok? Money is not everything. The World is watching us.

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