Monday, August 11, 2008

The Last Straw?

Ah Long's Latest Joke?

This is a blatant disrespect for the Law!

I picked up..(hurriedly of course...I must admit)..what looked like a real RM50 note on the five foot way, thinking someone would have dropped money. I was fooled. It looked like it is the first time I picked up something connected to the Ah Longs which I disliked very much. Such Trickery!
Well, let us see what the authorities are going to do about this. Let us see which Government Department can stop such breaking of our Law which is supposed to protect us.
The thing here is that it IS a serious offence to print & distribute copy/copies of our Currency Note either in part or complete. Yah, just because there is a condition saying that we need to place a word"specimen", I am sure that it does not allow any form of abuse like what the Ah Longs are doing now!
They are so brazen to even print their full Handphone Number on the reverse side! What further proof do we need? Help us please. Please stop all the finger pointing like they did the last time.

Let us see which Government Department have any more 'balls' to act.