Friday, August 1, 2008

Wake Up KTM!

Ultra-Poor Maintenence! Poor Class!!

Being 'forced' to travel using Public Transport, I would prefer the train compared to buses. This is mainly due to the increasing traffic jams.Gave up using my car because finding a car park in the city let alone its parking charges is impossible and expensive. So I took the KTM commuter from Klang to KL yesterday. Wifey dropped me at the Padang Jawa station (nearest to our home) and that alone, we have to pay RM6.40 on toll charges (RM0.60 +RM1.00 x2 and x2 to pick me up later!). Hey, PM this is how we are suffering!

The train was late and waited for 35 minutes. This is the 'KOMUTER' mind you.

The coach was cool and smooth. Quite good except if you find the poor upkeep acceptable.
The handlebars were corroded and worn to the core, repainted and worn off again.
For goodness sake please do something about it. Almost ALL seats were damaged (the plastic shell are all cracked)
and only 20 percent of the lights were working. Please don't tell me it's daytime!
The replaced ones were of different color! Overall, this particular train/coach is ok but do any of us passengers want to complain?

When I arrived at KL Sentral, I was disgusted at its upkeep again! The rail platform were dark and creepy with light bulb fused and not replaced! Even paying advertisers were either too lazy to complain about some signages having half of the bulbs blown! Standards?

At the main concourse at Sentral, it was like gloomy and HOT!!!!! Are they trying to save electricity this way? Is this supposed to be WORLD CLASS?????
Then, the toilet!

There was a poster blabbing about it being newly renovated and upgraded and we have to PAY to use it! Although it was only 20sen, what was the payment actually for? The Gents have only one urinal (the other one was covered with a cardboard and the word "ROSAK" written on to it)
The floor blower was switched off, the place was gloomy and smelly. The wash basin looked like it is being cleaned once a month!!!! This is KL SENTRAL...A World Class Place..!!!!

Then, when I visited a fast food outlet for a drink on the trip back to Klang. A housefly flew by and sat on my drinking straw!! This is KL SENTRAL...A World CLASS place!!!!!

The train was late again! The electronic signage usually displaying the time of the next train went 'kaputted'! It was crowded, dark, gloomy, and Hot! Are the building management proud about this? Is this THEIR standard of World Class? Hey! I want to get out of here!

Mother of all shit began when the train arrived. My ride to Klang would take 50 minutes and it was fifty minutes of hell!!! Of all the three coaches connected to this train, I picked the wrong one! The Air Conditioner did not work! On top of that, the windows are all sealed as if we were in Korea during the winter!
This coach looks like it was going to CRASH! The wheels were bumping, screeching and rolling. There IS something very wrong!!! Too bad, I could not upload a video shot of this ride back to Klang!

Loud rattling coming from the unfastened ceiling panels which I suspect is the 'conked out' air conditioner!
Even the windows were dirty, very dirty and bird feathers and their droppings are clearly seen on the glass.
Just imagine this. The coach was rattling, stuffy and hot, noisy & vibrating all through the 50 minutes.
Really agonising! It was made worst by the sunlight coming in through the windows! Hot and Stuffy. Still the passengers did not even whimper! Great Malaysians.

Glad to arrive at my destination safely (plus some fresh air!) But then,......I have to take another challenge.......the coming flight of stairs! All 38 steps UP to get across......! Welcome to Keretapi Tanah Melayu! Malaysia Boleh!!!!
Throughout my life, I have taken the Eurorail, British Rail, Nordic Rail, Amtrak, Australian Rail, Thai Rail, China Rail, Singapore MRT,................KTM's standard? Go figure!

But I need to go to KL again!

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