Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Best Chicken Rice in Klang 2009

Top 1 Chicken Rice
For four years in a row, we have voted this stall to be our choice for the Best Hainanese Chicken Rice in Klang 2009.
Yup, it beats the all time favourite at the Emporium makan, the overated, most expensive 'golf-ball' chicken rice near the railway station and the one behind Malayan Banking on the same road as this best.

The Emporium Makan stall was our favourite for a while but because of its bad service, dirty and smelly environment, we have not gone there for a while. They open only from 6pm till 9pm.

Hiang Kee's chicken rice is our number 2 choice (related to the Emporium Makan's). Price wise, they are out a bit. They's got an added point mainly because they serves from 10am till 3pm and 5pm till 9pm.

Why we like Top 1?
You got to go eat it to try it out. They got the fresh chicken well cooked, excellent rice done to perfection which is very fragrant and tasty. The chilli sauce is great. Please note that his style comes with an 'extra' sauce. It is a paste made of young ginger and garlic. My observation is that many prefer not to add this sauce onto the chicken but put it on a separate saucer as a dip. Do let da boss, Mr. Tan know of your preference.
Also, if you like garlic, do ask him to add some boiled garlic in the soup bowl. I like mine plenty of those soft garlic! Yummy!!!! Chicken (& garlic) soup for the Soul!
The thing about this place is that they are only opened from 7am till 11am! Gosh only four hours!
Our relatives also loves this stall and they leave early from KL and PJ!!!

See our HD VIDEO on this foodie joint!



Julian Si said...

Brilliant video :-)

Glad to hear that my wife and myself aint the only fans of this superb chicken rice ... :-)

Birds Talking Too said...

Thanks Julian for stopping by. Glad that you share our choice too as we are also fond of chicken rice. It was a tough fight but Top 1 is very consistant with their quality for many years now. We were also told that his dad sells chicken rice in the late 60's further down the road. My wifey's from Klang.
Cheers and Regards