Thursday, July 9, 2009

Pet Rescue

My Animal Care Org.

Received a surprise comment from Dr. Chan Kah Yein, a true animal lover and have invited me to drop by at her new Web site at

Do go to her site and see how education plays such importance in loving animals especially towards the younger generation. Just talking and blabbering about adoption do not work.
Donating money alone is not the only solution. Act, "think out of the box" & look at things at "a bigger picture" really helps. It beats sheltering in 'farms' too. Just how many can a shelter take?

She have even visited the infamous "Hell Island" to see the Swamp Dogs herself! I was surprised because I was working with the 'opposite' sides all along!

You can also click on the logo at my sidebar to go to the site directly. Do support her cause which I personally feel that is the right way to solve the problems of strays.

Like I've said again, blabs and blogs, shrouded in mystery, threats, politics and even attempted murder, do not work!

Thanks again Sister Kah Yein.


Dr. Kim Gorman said...

Donald, I just read her e-book "Four Pillars of Kindness" online and got a great sense of her wonderful, gentle heart. Thank you for introducing us to this woman and her work.


Birds Talking Too said...

Comment from rduht have been rejected
Dear "rduht" you are sick. Better go get medical help fast.It is people like you that make our world a very sad place and full of suffering.

No Cheers and No Regards

Birds Talking Too said...

Dear Kim,
Glad that you share our thought and enjoyed Kah Yein's gentle heart.

Cheers and Regards

chankahyein said...

Hi Donald and Kim,
Thank you very much for your very kind words.
I'll just like to comment on what you said about shelters. Many shelters practise euthanasia at an alarming rate due to overcrowding. It is extremely terrifying for a perfectly healthy animal to be euthanised.
So if you rescue an animal, please try to rehome him/her. Don't surrender the animal to the shelters unless it is a no-kill shelter, ie. a sanctuary.
The long-term solution to the stray problem is still to spay and neuter. And that's what we are promoting.
Thank you once again.


Birds Talking Too said...

Dear [RDUHT}
Comment from [rduht] have again been rejected. This is the second time.You have added 50 links to some illegal & porn sites.
Technoratis and LiveFeedjit's reported your ISP addresses and time. You are not far from Klang/PJ.
I think I know who you are. Remember this...."Sea snakes are poisonous, their venom is very lethal. So becareful not to bite your own tongue when you speak too quickly. I remembered that a politician told you that too.."

So be careful yah?

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with these people? Don't you have anything better to do than to leave spiteful comments?

Uncle Tan, thanks for the updates again! Will get hold a copy of the book soon.