Thursday, July 16, 2009

Part 2-Slide show-Malaysian Orchid Species

Orchidaceae Malaysiana

The part 2 of our slide show is now up on Youtube.

This is the second of our 20 in total. I have reduced it to 3 minutes instead of five per part. No thanks to the darn (TakMalu) TMNut's Stimix 'narrowband' ultra-slow speed that many of you gave up while waiting for it to stream completly.

Pay for 1Mbps but get only 37.2Kbps!!!!

One also mentioned that the Stimix speed is so slow that 'he can see two snails fcuking'!!! Ha!Ha!
Malaysia Boleh!

The funny thing is that this is my very 'OWN' HD video which I gladly wish to share with the world and is educational. This is not pornography per se. No copyright too. So if TakMalu Stimix want to 'throttle' and 'censor' the net, so be it. The world is watching! Malaysia again Boleh!!!
Damn Malu!!!!!

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