Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Teleconverter Lens


Tested out this lens from France.

It is a 2x teleconverter adaptor which is placed over the lens of the camcorder to make its zoom twice the power.
The zoom on the Panasonic HDC TM-300 is 12x. Placing this over would make it around 24x. Tested it. The picture quality is good because it is a digital lens.
It would be better if made out of Flourite glass but then, none is available.

So I bought it. I deliberately chose the oversized one for my camera's 43mm filter thread. Just add a 43mm-58mm ring, the large 58mm lens works great. This is the best that I have come so far.
The model is COKIN 58mm 2x Digital teleconverter adaptor.
A word of caution. There are many other that I have tried, failed miserably. Ghosting, Flares, Image distortion and bluring at the side are common. Do try it out first before buying.

Just imagine this. Many high end spotting scopes (top brands such as Carl Zeiss, Leica, Swarovski, Kowa..) do NOT support full HD 16:9 Video shooting. They are all designed for 4:3
and for photo use. I was very sad about this as full HD videoscoping is almost non-existant!
A scope like this and with all necessary adaptors and rings costs RM18,000.00!
I blogged earlier about this (the above) but the test failed. It did not justify spending so much money if that is the result I am going to get.

16:9 is what your new LCD TV width is all about. 4:3 is the old 29" TV you have just chucked out. If you are watching Asstro in full screen on your new LCD TV there is something wrong with you! Please see closely. The images are distorted. People looks fat and short yah? Use your remote and select 4:3 for Asstro then the images are not distorted. But then, you would have two black bars on the right and left of your screen. Why? Go figure!

When discussing with the people directly from the Optic Factories, I sounded like as if, I am from another Planet!!!

The search continues.! Sheesh!


Anonymous said...

Have you continued to use this adapter with your tm300? How far do you need to be zoomed to avoid vignetting? Do you have any video samples you could share on Vimeo, Youtube, etc. thanks

Birds Talking Too said...

Hi there,
Yes I have been using this 2X teleconverter on telephoto shots.

Being an HD Video maker, one got to really know how to use it. I took an advice from a 'pro'. Always use a tripod for all your shots if you can. Even with the built-in OIS, viewers get edgy with shakey shots, even in wide-angle mode.
For tele with this converter, I would only push it till 1.6X. Anymore than that, it will kill all the HD quality.
Vignetting only (will) occurs when I back it down to wide angle.

As for uploading to youtube or vimeo, I am having extreme difficulty pushing the envelope to the full 1080p. Our god forsaken ISP Broadband suxs! No problem watching all our work in full HD on our LCD TV. (Edited with Sony Vegas software). Still wondering how to put it up for all to see! Maybe when Malaysia's real broadband come on in the year 2012!!!