Friday, July 31, 2009

This IS going to Hurt!

This H1N1 flu is for Real!

For the last two weeks, I have observed a very strange phenomenon. Almost everyone I talked to are clueless and have shown a 'tidak apa' attitude about this would be 'outbreak'. Many are still not preparing to protect oneself against this highly contagious flu.

Be reminded that this new disease is a disease of the AIR! We need air to breathe. We need air to stay alive. Importantly we need CLEAN and unpolluted air.

Cool air created by air conditioning is really not fresh air.
By now, in today's news headlines, many should have woke up from their deep sleep. This H1N1 thinggy is dangerous. What the good minister did was to 'scold' us . He even partly blamed us for not doing anything about the spread of the flu. Read here for his warning.

Australia kena 'thiam,thiam' because they are in winter mode. Just wait till end October when Europe, USA, China and Japan goes cold. It is their annual 'flu season'.

Top Ten Things we can do, like prevention is better than cure (Is there a cure yet?)

1) Stay healthy by eating right, plenty of rest and avoid places with plenty of people.
2) Improve personal hygene like washing your hands everytime before you eat.
3) Safeguard your children by ensuring they practise good hygienic habits too.
4) Keep old folks from crowded places and tell that 'linpeh' not to SPIT everywhere !!
5) Drink lots of safe plain water.
6) Eat in. Avoid 'dirty' shops/stalls. Many good ones are going bad caused by 'foreign workers'.
7) Let in more fresh air into the rooms/homes. Avoid pubs, KTV, cafes......
8) Plant a tree/bush outside your home. This contributes re-generation of the polluted air.
9) Cut out long travelling time in confined spaces like an aeroplane/bus/train.
10) Eat more fresh fruits/vegetables to strengthen our body's immune system.

Here you go. easy right? It is cheaper and safer than those 'antibiotics' and drugs given by doctors and believe me, you would not want to go thru ten days of hell like the way I did!

I accidentally took a full blown 'cough' by a 'fucking' foreigner at a Hypermart! He avoided his fellow 'bangga' workers but turned towards me instead! That was two weeks ago. Blardy fucker!
It was also reported that Malaysia is getting back diseases which has sucessfully eradicated way back in the 60's. It is coming back to haunt us. No thanks to those bloody fuckers from those third world countries who 'literrary' eat 'shit' for meals!
Beware of eating places who employ dozens of these unhygienic 'bastards/bitches' which I now openly declare, seeing where their fingers go 'to' before' bare-handling' cooked food to be served to customers!!!!
The pictures above & below are two examples how hawkers prepare and store their raw food. These stuff are also placed around drains and dirty containers. Sedap nya?

Still awaiting to collect more video footage to be placed on the internet for the world to see and believe.

Still don't believe me?
All the best then. Go get the disease and tell me afterwards.
Best of Luck. You will need it.
(All pictures are from Google Images)

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