Friday, July 17, 2009

Paya Indah Wetlands-Today

More Fierce than MACC!
This morning, I made an appointment with 3 Heepokhisnoses and 2 kookoodiles at Paya Indah Wetlands.
Geez! I was da only visitor!!! ;-)
The Badak how to spell this er..hippo?
OK...just look at me in da eye and say......
..hippo..po..ta..mus...! easy?

Abuthen, this buaya tembaga (above) is fierce too!

Also caught a Purple Swamphen among da lotuses!
And.... a Greater Coucal
But....could not take a picture of the sexy male Baya weaver bird who built a semi-detached nest for his two wives!!!


hew said...

give up on paya indah.. its another quick buck project by the BN. waste of time..

no focus on teoh beng hock? even birdwatchers are not immune to sudden mysterious deaths.

you dont need to be a carload of 5 indians to be shot at the trafficlights! and we should not be waiting for that to happen to us before we get pissed off!

Birds Talking Too said...

Hi Hew,
Thanks for your comments. Yalor, luckily there is no entrance fee because it is run by Gormen now. But still, I wasted my time and fuel to go there. Then hor, for the last 3 days, I was at the area every morning since 6am! Shooting airplanes for my HD Video raw footage in KLIA approach.
Phooey! poor image results because of the smog! Over here, it is burning everytime! Can also see the 'smoking bushes'!WTF!

Oi! MACC is dangerous! The Hippo told me! Ha!Ha!

chuE said...

hai there, i was looking for paya indah wetlands info and came bumping into your blog. great blog bro!

is it true that no entrance fee? how bout fishing there?
can people go fishing there?

Donald G.H Tan said...

Latest!!!as at 21th. July, 2011
This place has Chap Lup (closed down)again. It seemed that only Gormen sponsored outfit can use this place for so called brain washing retreats. Lovely place for birding and fishing but then, maybe,can 'kopi duit' (El bribo!)the guards there? HaHa!