Friday, July 10, 2009

Video Light and Battery

Good Stuff

To fellow users of the Panasonic Camcorder HDC TM-300.

Here are some pictures of the LED Video Light and the OEM spare battery that I am using that is NOT the original accessory.

The camcorder is excellent and I really like it.

Looking for the accessories are even more exciting because Panasonic do not sell them!!! Ha!Ha! The Biggest Joke is that they asked me to PAY a 'deposit' to order it so that I can 'see' the stuff even if I don't buy them in the end!!! Bloody fark! It is just like paying a 'booking fee' just to test drive the new Proton Exora!!! Suxs!
You can quote me on this!

Anyway, this camcorder is still the 'king' at the moment.

The Boling Video Light.

With 3CMOS sensors on your camcorder, using heavy and punchy lighting with Tungsten Halogen bulbs are outdated. It sucks the battery dry in no time and is HOT! Your 'actors' will sweat like crazy. Flowers will droop and birds will melt!
This new generation of video lighting is made of LEDs. Lite Panels from the US costs a bomb.
This Boling (whadda name?) brand is from China and is good. The color temperature is great once the auto 'white balance' sets in.
It so happened to use the Sony type battery. As a former Sony user, I've got loads of em. No problemo!

The housing is of the old fashioned photo-flash type. Not so good for 16:9 use. I solve this holding it up by hand and angled at 45 degrees from the right of the camera. You can also select one or two LEDs to work.
The rechargeable LiOn battery lasts too. I got it from Eng Tong, PJ.

Spare battery for the Camcorder
When I could NOT buy a spare standard battery (1250mAh) from any Panasonic outlet, I went looking for it frantically. I found it at Harvey Norman at the Curve. This OEM battery cost RM390. the same price for the original standard one. But is twice the size and twice the power (2640 mAh). It can also be charged while in a vehicle via a cigarette lighter cable. It has a row of LED indicators to tell me if the capacity is good.
A great buy. I thought I saw one shop at PJ Digital Mall, section 14 selling this too.


- ddkwh - said...

hey man, was looking for video lights and bumped into ur site. just wondering where did u purchase it? cheers.

Birds Talking Too said...

The single twin LED one was bought from Engtong Systems in PJ and the new 70pcs. LED one was from HongKong last month. This is more powerful than the one from Engtong and is only half the price!!
Please see my last month's posting on "Part2". Just shot a (close)HD clip using this light as a 'fill' light outdoor. No problemo.
I do not shoot anything further than 7ft using portable lights.
This light is cool and great to use.

Anonymous said...

I found the light to be only useful for close-up work where light is required. It provides little for anything more than a close one on one video recording. And that is what I wanted it for anyway!

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