Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wild Bird Feeders

It's Feeding Time!

We received a wonderful gift from our relatives to our home in Klang last week.

My brother in law and his family dropped by from Bixby, Oklahoma, USA for their Summer vacation enroute to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
They made our dream come through by giving us what we have always wanted for our birds.
Wild Bird Feeders, Yeah! 2 pcs. of the nectar type and 2 of the seed type.

Perky-Pet makes the nectar feeder mainly for the Hummingbirds.

We are going to try it out on our resident Sunbirds who are also nectar feeders.

As for feeding wild birds with seed, the Droll Yankees is a specialists.

It is made of brass and of good quality.
The Droll Yankees were for different types of seeds. One is for mixed/larger seeds such as sunflower seed, peanuts, dried corn etc. The other was for the Nyjer (Thistle) seed which is smaller at the feeding ports.
This two brands are made entirely in the USA and are of excellent quality with lifetime warranty.
It is also made with UV resistant materials so that it can withstand exposure to sunlight without degrading. The China made ones usually cracks and breakdown.
Over here in Malaysia, feeding wild birds are unheard of. In actual fact, even throughout Asia!
By helping to feed wild birds, we are giving them a chance to survive thus not making them endangered.

Recently, the forested space we have at the back of our home have been cleared for 'palaces'.
Easily 20 or more very large trees bearing wild fruits yearly, are gone. The birds are gone too.
So we are wondering whether is it too late to put up the feeders.
We will keep trying till we see wild birds appear at our feeders. Sadly, only two out of our five regular sunbirds are around. It is confirmed that the two Crested Serpent Eagles are gone. Also the two Owls have left. We will keep our fingers and toes crossed! Just look at our feeding station now! See if you can spot which is which.
Many heartfelt thanks to Julie, Aaron, Bryan and Chris Lee. You have helped us by giving our wild birds a second chance!


lingyadelaide said...

This is really amazing! Bravo. When i was back in Oz, i used to buy the hanging edible bird food and hang it at the backyard and usually it will be gone in 1 day!
And i've always dreamed of having a bird bath!

Good luck wt the bird feeder!!

Birds Talking Too said...

Dear lingyadelaide,

Thanks for your comment.
Yup, in Perth too, we used to put up bunches of wild seeds and home made 'suet' cakes. The 'cockies' would swipe them all in no time.
As for bird bath, ours are going thru a phase of 'renovation'. You see, birds are pretty smart too. They only take fresh and clean water. Our bath have a little pump recycling the water up and down, which eventually turns bad. Cleaning it and changing the water is very tedious. We now would like to use a direct filter with charcoal to remove the heavy chlorine from the mains.It then pass thru a fountain nozzle at a smallest spray and let the water collects on the original bowl. The excess amount of water would then be dripped out onto our garden floor.
Why all this? We witnessed our sunbirds drinking and bathing at our Air Conditioner's water outlet pipe! Cool!
DIY is the way.

Cheers and Regards