Friday, July 24, 2009

Pets' Showtime!

Two Charities to Help Stray Animals
You'd Not Wanna Miss!

Due to recent incidences in regards to cruelty to animals, some very kind souls have responded by organising events to raise funds and awareness to the public. I am encouraging everyone to attend and show your support for the poor animals. This is only a small step but I am sure you are going to enjoy every minute of it.

1)Operafest's One Bow Wow, One Heart

A charity concert organised by the Operafest Children's choir. Its founder and artistic director
is none other than the Internationally known Kam Sun-Yoke. The theme for tonite's
show is based on one of my favourite Oldies by Richard Rodgers & Oscar Hammerstein's
"South Pacific" The movie version was shot on location in Pulau Tioman in Full 70mm.
The funds raised would be for Madam Kang's Animal Sanctuary in Taiping, Perak and the FFF
Furry Friends Farm in Kundang, Selangor. Mrs. Kam added that the main purpose is to teach
children to be kind to pets. Way to go, Mrs Kam! A big Thank You!

2) R.A.V.E.2SAVE
As already mentioned on my earlier blog, this fun and exciting event would also be very interesting especially to the young at hearts and would be adults soon.Thanks again KDU!

So there you are, this weekend is going to be enjoyable and full of fun for everybody.

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