Thursday, July 31, 2008

Cannot Tahan already!

Same Time Last Year.

When Durians come out, his buddy also come too. The Petai.

Petai is a soft seed obtained by cutting out from an elongated casing comprises of an average 12 seeds. It is from a very large tree (Parkia speciosa) found only in tropical jungles. It is natural and organic. The bright green seed is almost tastless when eaten and but as a herb, it cleanses the body and the smell is pungent when you finishes using the toilet!
Malaysians mostly like the Petai and it is prepared with lots of 'HOT' and spicy chilli sambal cooked with dried shrimps and Large succulent white prawns! Yummy! We did ours this way!

For more detailed info on this seed, please go here

Only older trees produces larger seeds and the tree itself is a tropical hardwood also used in the lumber trade. The flowers are pollinated only by Bats (No, not Batman!)
Therefore, no bats, no fruits! Less bats, less petai!
Just imagine, eating seeds of very large tree! Can see the seed pods or not?
But Healthy and Yummy!

(Pictures courtesy of Google Images but the one with da prawns is our own!)

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