Monday, June 29, 2009

An Interesting Saying

For the Love of Birds

Got up very early to be greeted by a morning chorus of our 10 resident Magpie Robins!
Such lovely Tweets! A very Good Morning to all of you too. As I type this, it is now 06:12 am!
Our birds would be leaving in another half an hour for their day's roam.
Hopefully, the new (yes, another) batch of 3 nestlings would also be taking 'flying lessons' today.

I just love a saying as posted by a fellow blogger.....

"God Loved the Birds that He Created Trees,
Man loved the Birds that they invented Cages!"

.........Jacques Deval (date unknown)

Just look and hear her singing here! Isn't she lovely?

We are very, very proud that all of them are flying free and easy!

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