Saturday, August 1, 2009

Malaysian Broadband

by 2010!!

Just what the hell is Broadband here in Malaysia?

Does the learned minister, MCMC and all the CEOs of the respective companies involved really surf the internet? Really?Recently?At home?

The news reported that 3 WiMAX firms were warned for not fully or partially rolling out their services thus risk losing their licenses.

The Gormen has set a target to have 50% national broadband penetration rate in the country by end 2010. This is for the combined WiMax, fixed and cellular networks. See here also.

Now, now, let's see. Our 1Mbps we are paying to TMNut's streamyx........ already sucks.
Try clicking any news for a short video clip. The 'streaming' stutters & hangs most of the time.

So much so that one just gives up halfway. Try clicking here at HD Web. The announcement would tell you point-blank that 'your internet speed sucks 'big time' that you would not be able to see anything!

I was so desperate that I approached P1 WiMax. Maxis also.No go. Bollox!
The others also said the same thing. My house is only 500m from TMNut's exchange. Nada. No brand can do. Ya, even a naked tortoise! Yeah 'done right'... Balls!
Did I get it right? Malaysian's population is now at about 28million (excluding illegals). Gormen says the internet is already covering 25%. That would mean 7million people. Divide that into a family of six (including the maid and the cats), then TMNut is correct. They earlier said something like they already have 1.5 million customers.
Yeah, 1.5 millions fools who are suffering with ultra slow speed that we call 'broadband' and TM makes about RM13.2 million a month for the RM88/package. That would sum up to cool RM1.6 Billion a year!! Tak Malu!

The funny thing is that where 'areas' can get better internet coverage, the others are also available but if one live a little bit outside that 'area', go get yourself 'penetrated'!!!!

So what the fuck is all this 'penetration' all about? Penetration my arse!
Come 2010, just what kind of penetration are we talking about?

What we need is QUALITY of broadband. Not QUANTITY of users!
Shit! Open some more!

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