Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Eat No Bother

in Paramount Gardens, PJ

As I post this, there are SMSs and emails all blabbering about a missing doctor and his entire family whose report is gonna create a BIG rock & Roll with the Gormen this coming days. Just like the 'lost' Private Investigator also with his family, some thinks the Cops gonna plea with this good doctor to come out with 'another' medical report just like the PI's second declarations!This week is going to be very exciting one.

What ever it is, poodah! Already blurr with da on goings with so much childishness just like watching kindie tikes doing shows! Also seriously thinking of going abroad for a long holiday
so that I can see animals behaving like animals, birds behaving like birds and not those stupid politicians behaving like clowns!

Before that, I would like to recommend that you try out this KL original "Hokkien Fried - Big Black Noodles.
Since we moved to Klang, we have been coming back to PJ to eat this favourite of ours since its opening in the late 70s.
It is still being heat-fried using charcoal with the stove in full blast/air blown by fans creating such fire force akin to an "after-burner' of an F15 Eagle Jet Fighter aircraft!
Hear da sound, see da effect and feel da blast! WOOOOOSH!
Jangan lupa da special Chillie Sambal with a hint of toasted belachan! Got Uuumph man...!
The menu board also have various kinda mee/meehoon/kueyteow. I also like da "wat tan hor" and "yin heong kong foo fried" with pickl;ed green chilly! Singapor Bihoon also not bad.
The crispy lard you say? Nah forget what your doctor says about those damn cholesterol! The 43 toxic chemical already added to our daily fresh bread (and we think is healthy!) can kill you faster than this lard!!!! (ref: Consumer Association of Penang report). Trust me!
This Ah Wah fellow is big time. Yeah BIG TIME. They are located in Paramount Gardens in Petaling Jaya, very near to the Giant Supermarket, opposite the Post Office and near the Sunday Pasar Malam. I have even arranged before, some packets to be 'hand-carried' directly to a UK relative for their fix! They were literarily 'kissing' my toes for it!!! Just kidding lah!


Isabel said...

I'm a big FAN of HOKKIEN MEE since i in my mama womb^^
have u try before the Sentul Hokkien Mee, u make me so starving. i juz had a slice of bread and an orange as lunch^^
now reading ur blog while waiting d BIG client to show up^^

Birds Talking Too said...

Hey, serious, we still go down to PJ for our 'fix'. Cheow Yang in SS2and one in Paramount garden are two place worth mentioning.
Why not get our group together and raid that place!