Thursday, July 17, 2008



While fiddling with my new Sony DSC H50 camera and with its awesome zoom, we now know what is flying above our home everyday. You see, we are located right above the 'landing pattern' of the KLIA North approach in Klang Utara and usually hears any aircraft flying pass.

This time, we decided to 'shoot' em and try to find out which airline and what type of aircraft it is. It is a bird too. Iron bird that is.

Usually our older camera would produce this kind of shots and enlarging them via a computer, the resolution would be poor.

This time is different.

A Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 (above)

Etihad Airlines Boeing 777

A Thai Airways Airbus A330 (above)

Da famous "Tony Fernandes Airline" Airbus A320 (above)

A Singapore Airlines Airbus A330 (above)

China Airlines Jumbo Boeing 747 (above)

Even Helicopters. This Agusta flew past twice. With its red color marking, we could not confirm whose is it. Could it be PDRM rescue unit by looking at its side winch?
Watch out! Klang Crows can be very 'garang' one. This one was seen chasing an 'iron bird' which looks like a Robinson R44. Can anyone confirm this copter's make?
If you are very interested to see aircrafts in full resolution , go to my favourite site at These guys are serious and professional about this kind of passion. Below is a sample shot from this site. The military jets are awesome too.

Click on above picture to enlarge and watch its High Definition!

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