Monday, July 7, 2008

You Gotta Be Kidding!!!!!

AMBER COUR at Genting Highlands

Amber what?

Went up to Genting Highlands for some photo shoot and found that a friend and his family was up there too. They were staying at the Amber Court. Regretably, my gullible friend was into this "Time Sharing... thinggy" and this is the sharing resort. Arrived at the place and was SHOCKED !!!
What kindda place is this? The sky was already covered with heavy mist and strong winds. When the mist cleared, this is what we saw!!! It do looks creepy!!! It could even be haunted!!! Just look at the signage. It became Amber Cour.
Is this a Joke? Just what kind of building is this? Da road is full of potholes! What kind of maintenence are they keeping? Is this building safe? A blogger's view here said it all since October 2007.

Go do a quick search in Google and you are going to be 'pengsan' too by the claim that this is a FOUR star resort (of the weirdest kind!). Also just look at ALL da claims made by those tour promoters and see their photos!!!!

A FOUR STAR resort? Whose Star? Malaysian Standard? Malaysia Boleh!!!!!

Nah! We did not go in. We were really frightened that this builing would collapse on us. For honesty sake, please stop promoting this so called "resort" until maintenence is done. We did visit this building almost 8 years ago and also saw some other buildings totally abandoned. One is called "Billion" something!!! Yeah "B" is for Billion!

On the way out, we were stopped by a 'burly foreign sounding/ looking' guard. He proudly showed us a snake, yes it was a live frigging SNAKE!!!!!!! He asked us to take a picture of the snake. Maybe for security purposes I supposed, since the guard outpost on the main entrance is also abandoned!
We begged him not to harm the snake and to release it back to the wild after taking the picture. Yes he did and we were very relieved! Does anyone out there knows what kind of snake is this?Honestly, I am not a snake person but I was really thinking about our favourite Raptor, the Crested Serpent Eagle (our mascot). This could be his meal!!
A Four Star Resort up in da Mountains and with live snake in da hotel?? Ha!Ha! Malaysia Boleh! I am so damn 'malu-ed' already!


Sarah Chong said...

Looks like a very beautiful Cave Racer to me:)

yctan118 said...

The amber court is absolutely creepy.
I wonder who would really want to stay in there?

Birds Talking Too said...

Hi Sarah,

Thanks for info.
Isn't this snake also an exotic pet and seen at those pet shops?
Is the bite poisonous?

Thanks again

Cheers and Regards

Birds Talking Too said...

Yup YC,
We felt so creepy that we did not even enter the building! Wait till you key in at Google search for "Amber Court Genting Highlands" and see so much promotions to stay at that place especially from the Gormen's Tourism website! Imagine paying for RM450 per unit/per day?
What a joke!

Cheers and Regards
Donald G.H Tan