Thursday, July 24, 2008


ASSTRO! Your Time With Us Is Up!!!

You have just lost a faithful Customer of many years ASSTRO!
I am now confirming Cancelling our subscription. Since our Kementrian Consumer called on us to be a "SMART CONSUMER" I suggest all those not really happy with it, to cancel it too. Do not let them take you for a ride anymore. Why suffer? Be Brave!!!! Do it!

Just take an honest look at yourself! Our habits are ruling us. After paying so much, what do we really get in return? Honestly, whenever we get to sit down and watch, we get nothing new but repeats,repeats and repeats! What do they take us for? Fools? They now want extra cash for the World of Olympics which we have been watching it on usual TV many times since we were kids. And now, they are asking for more payment.

We have been tolerant already for a year, hoping that things could get better but yearly, they reported making heavy profits for the shareholders. Plenty of money, Our money. With inflation shooting highest in 26 years, they should have sympatised with us but no.

Just look at the stupid Asstro View Magazine! On the July issue, I took out (cut off) the pages that do not relate to my package.
Just see how much is meant for us? As a senior citizen, the printing would cause us to go blind!
Also please see here
and here. And many other programming are not there too. They are asking us to go figure!
Ringtones!Ringtones!Ringtones are akin to Ah Long. Which old fart wants to use this? Unless he has a 'China Doll' to Shoik about! And they wanted to charge extra for the magazine later! What ever for? Go lah, get more advertisements from these Ring tone buggers! Shame on you Charmaynneinei!!!
This magazine is begining to look like those galaxy teeny boopers, monthlies but not a programme guide! Come on folks, let us have da balls to do it! Cancel yours today!!!!!!!

We are also NewsPaper free since 1st. June 2008. Saved so much already by cancelling the papers and Asstro, we can top-up full tanki of our little car for an extra 10 days!. You can Do it! Save NOW, Today. The Worst is yet to come!

Now thinking about trimming the handphone(s) bill. All three phones costs us RM500/month! And that would be RM6,000/year! The Croonies already so FAT liao!

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