Wednesday, July 2, 2008



Hi all,

This is the replacement for our Blogsite "Birds Talking" which have mysterously been hacked and disappeared along with two of our other blogsites such as Orchidaceae Malaysiana and Li Chien Shih Tzus.

My advice to all dear friends is not to have the same password for all your other blogs like what I was doing while trying to update and change its code last Friday. Even for a short while.

All contents for the blogs have been destroyed and kaput! Even the Great Person up there could not help me!!!! That's sad. All the hard work's gone. 2 years of it.

I even cannot use the old name "Birds Talking" anymore as Google forbids it. To the dear 'Hacker'........UP YOURS!!!!

Anyway, this is a test post as it is going to be hard work starting up again. It takes time.
Thanks for your patience and support.

Cheers and Regards


titoki said...

Holy Cow! This is seriously bad. What did you write that sexcite the haters so much that they have to hack your site?!

Birds Talking Too said...

My last posting was about a bugger in some Snail River up North and hor, also about the new X File movie!!!! Will try to post this up again and see kena hacked again or not.
Today, just now, all GMails and Blogger were down!
Internet speed also down to such a 'snail' pace.
They just do not realise that the rest of the world IS watching us!!

All damn silly games!
Cheers and Regards

Anonymous said...

wah....lau..parents not allowed, so "ham sap"

Birds Talking Too said...

Dear Anon,
"Ham Sap" a bit lah! Otherwise
no one wan to see blog wan!
Thanks for comment