Thursday, July 3, 2008

The X Files


The new X Files movie, "The X Files: I Want To Believe" (2008) is coming.
You can view the trailer at:

Due to recent and on going reports in the local newspapers, the Director and Producer of this movie Chriss Carter and Tom Spotlight may be interested to make a sequel of this famous TV series, a part 3, The Malaysian Mysteries.

He also added that he could include the famous disappearing Lighthouse in Johore, a disputed and a strange C4 explosion here in Shah Alam , an island full of bananas and also with another lighthouse is about to disappear, also included would be the strangely mutated 'kataks' and monyets in the Parliament and finally, the recent revival of an active interest in the rear part of the human anatomy.

Mr Carter also whispered about some strange talking DUST and wish to investigate. He added "I want to believe. This is good. Life IS good".

It all started when the newspapers reported 2 weeks ago, that someone in "Snail River" up North of our country, said that he is just a DUST! He did it sarcastically, when replying to his ex-Boss."I am just Dust!"
Due to the recent General Elections on March 8, this person from "Snail River" got kicked left, right and centre! We thought he 'cabutted' deep into a cave as his hidey hole. But he still come out to blabber rubbish! " I am just Dust!" he yelled.

Yah, dust just do not talk. What do you think? This is why the entire team want to come over here to investigate.
The leading stars, David Anchovy and Gorilla Anderson would also be here for the launch of this new Movie in KL. After that, they would be proceeding up North to investigate the "Talking Dust"
At the moment, a forensic team from Museum Negara, Kedah branch and a team of 'experts' from the Technical University of Snail River (Maikkar) are there deep into the cave where the talking dust is. It was reported that this pile of dust just kept on mumbling (although at a lower volume now)"I am just DUST! I am just DUST!" It should be because this pile of dust gets drier everyday. An earlier sample of the dust collected for testing turns out to be crap.

It was a large pile of cow shit!

Very large pile indeed and it can talk!

Then all of the sudden, the mumbling stopped. It was because a member of the investigating team picked up a document at the side of that pile of shit. It was an outdated issue of the "Rolling Batu" magazine. Mmmm ......Velli Sex-citing .....! Velli! Velli! Sammi Velli! .......Wah Korh!!!!

Now we know why it speaks! For that, the official date of the movie launch would be on July 32nd, 2008.

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