Friday, July 11, 2008

What the Heck!


Come Merdeka, there would be many of us flying the Country's flag.

It have been known that one would be very patriotic in doing so. Even if it is only a small flag on your car. Lately, many of us are so busy trying to adjust our lives to the high cost of everything from fuel to food (maybe...flags too?) The politicians are also busy fighting for their dear lives after so much mud slinging!

Whatever it is, there are still certain things we have to follow. Like washing our hands before we have food. Cleaning one self after using the toilet. Washing our cars when it gets dirty and washing our face every morning upon getting up. These are automatic actions that we need not be told.

Then, there is the office.

The cleaners will empty the wastepaper basket everyday, clean the toilet, mop the floor and also clean the windows. This is called Maintenence.
What about Flags?
We understand that they are not made to last a life time.

The video below says it all!

Shame on you Eon Bank! Your Maintenence job sucks! You mean to tell us that there is not a single staff noticing this damaged flag after going in and coming out of this building everyday? For the last 30 days? 60days?
This Bank is located in Jalan Goh Hock Huat, Klang, Selangor. Come on, wake up. Please do not put the blame on the Crows! (.......See if you noticed a crow's head popping up in picture number 2...!!!)

They are just talking............................... Birds Talking!

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