Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Super Duper Heroes

"Heroes Die Once and Cowards Die Many Times!"

So, Which Hero Are You, Sami?

It was reported on public television about Sami cussing his former Youth Chief two nites ago. He cursed that cowards like Vicknes die many times and 'Heroes' like himself die only one time. I puked! This shows the childishness of Malaysian Politics and it is this kind of talk that is making a mockery out of the entire Political Arena.

So which one are you, Sam? (choose one only unless you want to die many time too. Ha!Ha!...)



Hellboy, Ultraman,Godzilla,KingKong,Barbie,GIJoe,PeterPan,Capt.Hook,Zorro,RobibHood,


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